The pitch:

We’re a growing community of creatives who believe in the power of passion projects to transform careers. So we’ve built a platform that makes it easy and fun to progress your projects, meet the right people, and create your best work.

The idea is simple. A before-work breakfast club for creatives.

The format:

Every month, you’ll get an email introducing you to another member of the community. Someone we think you’ll have an interesting chat with. We know meeting new folks can be awkward at the best of times so we’ll always break the ice through our famously witty introduction emails. We’ll suggest a time and a place that we think will best work for both of you.

We’ll also send you on our cheatsheet on how to get the conversation started. You’ll meet for 45 minutes or so before work, leaving you enough time to enjoy coffee, something small to eat and make it on time.


The majority of our members work in traditional creative industries, with the advertising, film, fashion, music, art and media sectors, among others, heavily represented.

We are limited in the number of applicants that we can accept due to the restrictive nature of this being our side project.