our story


September 1993 -

A nervous Caomhán & Sam meet for the first time on their first day of school.

1993 - 2007:

The two boys build a friendship over the entirety of their schooling life.


Caomhán & Sam try to make college work. It doesn't work out.


Caomhán’s entrepreneurial skills take him around the world to China, Boston and New York. Meanwhile, back home, Sam successfully builds himself a career in advertising, ending up as Content Lead in Boys + Girls.

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With Caomhán’s latest venture landing him in Sam’s world of advertising, the two lads meet sporadically with the goal of working together. They have a couple of ideas, but they keep fizzling out with other commitments getting in the way.

JULY 2017

Caomhán & Sam decide to meet one morning a week until they get something off the ground.


Caomhán & Sam continue to meet every week. Eventually, this accountability pays off, as the concept of “the side project” is born.


A nervous Caomhán & Sam hold two trial runs of the “the side project breakfast series”. They fill Charlotte Quay twice with various friends and workmates, and it's a success.


February 2018:

the side project is officially launched. The guys host 8 Saturday morning breakfasts in Charlotte Quay, Coppinger Row and Coppa Cafe. They're attended each week by folks from the creative industry, with guest speakers including Maser, Jim Fitzpatrick, Aoife Dooley, Tony Cantwell & Vanessa Power.

JULY 2018:

The first “side project supper club” takes place in Nutbutter, which introduces a new Speed-Dating format to 25 eager creative types.

December 2018:

The side project network is launched, matching creatives with someone new each month for a coffee or breakfast meeting, creating a whole new creative community in the city.

January 2019:

Caomhán & Sam launch the side project podcast on the Headstuff network, with the aim to spread the message even further.