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Bex created a series of prints based on her favourite salty snack food, crisps. To shoot them, she collaborated with another side project participant, Chris Lindhorst. These macro style photographs featured some crisp classics like Tayto, Hot Lips, Mighty Munch, Chip Sticks. The prints appeared in an exhibition in A4 Sounds, which Bex hosted along with her new art collective, The Lit Ladies.

Keeping to her salty theme, Bex created a new series of prints, that featured bird eye shots of crisp packets. They fittingly appeared in the Dublin Crisp Festival in the Bernard Shaw. This work got a mention in Lovin Dublin & Irish Times, helping Bex to sell multiple pieces of work. The prints can now be found hanging in “The Bar” in Dun Laoghaire.



Timbo started House Soda as a passion project. Like many, he’s a food & drink enthusiast. But unlike most, he’s got a 1.1 in Culinary Entrepreneurship to back it up. In one of his modules he came up with the idea of a 100% soda & mixer, and he’s been pursuing it ever since.

To get it off the ground, Timbo originally made it in recycled beer kegs and hand capped it in a borrowed kitchen. Now, it’s supplied to franchise chains and independent stores across Ireland. Good hussle, Tim.

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Mikey Fleming & Sam Moorhead  - Boyz on Top

Boyz on Top is a long term passion project of Mikey and his writing partner, Sam (you know, from the side project?). Things have kicked up a gear in the last year though, as the boys finished writing the 6-part web series, which is all based around an unsuccessful boyband from 2004 making a comeback all these years later.

As a proof-of-concept and a way to kickstart their Kickstarter, they’ve filmed a music video of the bands moderate hit, “Poster Boyz”. One of four songs they’ve written and recorded for the project. Loves a side project, our Sam.