the podcast

Everyone else had a podcast. So we started a podcast! Only joking, there’s more to it than that, kind of. This was another way for us to reach more people than any restaurant could fill. So thanks to the guys at the country’s biggest podcast network, we set up the side project podcast. Over the 7 episodes to date, we chatted to some of the city’s best side project merchants, about their projects, the benefits of having one, and how they find the time. We also shared the internets finest ideas, and pitched some gems of our own. 

Our guests included the man behind Dan & Becs and Phoning it in, Dave Coffey; the brain behind Fearless Moves, Julie Blakeney; gin maker, Denis Kilty; playwright & actor, Peter McGann; fashion designer Grace Enemaku; Smuggler’s Megan Campbell, and illustrator, Stephen “Hephee” Heffernan. 

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