the breakfast series

For 8 weeks on the trot, we gathered creatives in restaurants to talk about, mull over, and brainstorm cool ideas for side projects. The buzz was good, the ideas were class, and the eggs were even better - as we hung out in Charlotte Quay, Coppinger Row and Coppa Cafe.

People were split into tables of four, where they’d present and discuss their ideas to each other, with the whole group pitching in for everyone’s concept. While for the second hour, we’d host a Q&A with a guest speaker. These included some folks way more talented than us - street artist Maser, sign painter Vanessa Power, artist Jim Fitzpatrick, illustrators Aoife Dooley & Chris Judge, Boys + Girls Creative Director Laurence O’Byrne, Headstuff founder Alan Bennett, and comedian Tony Cantwell.